The Big Event

After getting loaded up on free stuff from The Big Event Ceremony, we headed over to Al's house to help him clean his yard and clean the deck. As a group, we had such a great time helping Al and his wife do yard work around their house. Once the yard work was finished, Al's lovely wife made us some DELICIOUS jambalaya and cajun shrimp soup. 

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What's all the hulla-BLUE?

April is Autism Awareness Month and April 2nd is Autism Awareness Day!!! This year, on April 2nd, we will be lighting up Rudder fountain will be lit up too. We also will be having our bake sale to raise awareness!

LEAPS for Autism Walk is on April 5th. We are really excited about this. It's in Bryan and we will host a sensory table. This will include things such as bubbles and coloring books.

We are also participating in Kyle Field Day on April 13th. Since of the renovations at Kyle Field, this year it's going to be held at Olsen Field, from 12pm-4pm. Various activities will be going on. We will be decorating laterns. Some ideas are painting them blue with blue and white sand.

April is sure to be an exciting month!

Blue Baker Social!!!!

We all had an awesome time getting blued out to support Autism Speaks U AND Blue Baker! I mean, we all got free food. Double thumbs up.

General Announcements

A few announcements:

Our final meeting will be ELECTIONS night on Monday, November 25, from 7 to 8 pm in MSC 2500! If YOU are interested in running for a position but have any hesitations or concerns, please email an officer for advice or position details. If you know that you have much to contribute to Autism Speaks U and can make this an even MORE awesome organization, GO FOR IT!!!! T-shirts will be distributed at our ELECTIONS night on November 25! Be there!


We have a BAKE SALE coming up! First and last bake sale of the semester, so let’s make it awesome! It will be on Thursday, November 21, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Academic Plaza. Since it might be super cold that day, we can sell whatever you guys think of bringing – hot donuts from Shipley’s, hot chocolate, etc.! Sign up to BAKE, BRING TREATS/SUPPLIES, and WORK SHIFTS on the Google doc here:


SONGFEST is on November 15 and 16! It will be held in Rudder Auditorium at 7 pm on both nights. If you want to go watch Autism Speaks U dance out a Beyonce routine on stage, buy tickets here!

General Meeting

Our next meeting is coming up! It will be a WORKSHOP meeting! We will be completing and framing our Kyle Field Day puzzle piece mosaic for the Brazos Valley Rehab Center, AND constructing a new sandwich board for Autism Speaks U @ TAMU – so bring any and all skills you have with arts and crafts, constructing, and painting! If you have your POINT SHEETS, please bring them to this meeting! We will also be explaining ELECTIONS preparations, so get pumped!!

Date: Thursday, November 14

Time: 7 to 8 pm

Location: Rudder 401


To FACETS and all parents and relatives of autistic childre

To FACETS and all parents and relatives of autistic children:

Autism Speaks U would like to celebrate your child's birthday by sending them a handmade card. If you would like to participate, email us your child's name, birthdate and address. We are also looking for families that might be interested in a pen pal!

Halloween Booth Cancelled

We absolutely hate to announce this, but due to high chance of thunderstorms we must once again cancel our bake sale. There will not be a Halloween Booth tomorrow as planned. Volunteers do not have to take any actions, and those if you who have baked can just keep the goods. 

Officer Elections

Officer elections will be in late November! These elections will be our first official elections since our founding in August 2012. EVERY single officer position will be open to anyone willing to run! More details about running for election will be posted later. The list of officer positions, as well as current officers (and their contact info), can be found here: you would like to know more of what a specific officer's tasks are, feel free to email him/her, or email the President, Lamees Elnihum, at for an extensive, comprehensive list of officer duties.

Halloween Booth

Come check us out in the Academic Plaza on Halloween from 11am-3pm and get some delicious Halloween goodies, treats, and participate in some fun games - with prizes!! 

Treats are just $1 and all of the money raised goes to the non-profit organization Autism Speaks, which raises money for autism research for a cure and benefits families affected by autism! So come on by and tell your friends!



General Meeting

Our next Autism Speaks meeting is THIS UPCOMING MONDAY (remember, we changed meeting dates from Thursday to Monday!!). We will be talking about our Halloween Booth, which is set for October 31st!! We will also be making birthday cards for upcoming FACETS kids' birthdays, and talking about our PenPal opportunities!! See you there!

Date: Monday, October 28th

Time: 7-8 pm

Location: Rudder 707


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